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Oklahoma City

Deliverance Ministries in Oklahoma City - Everett Cox and Ministry Team

Tampa, Florida

A&B Counseling in Tampa, Florida - Don Ibbitson, PhD and Deliverance Team

Hurst, Texas

Liberated Living -  a Don Dickerman Ministry

Recommended Reading

LeatherBible smaller.png

Spiritual Warfare Bible

The Lord led me specifically to this bible.  I didn't own a bible before this one.  The WORD of God is the Sword of the Spirit and is your greatest weapon.  Great teachings in spiritual warfare in between pages.  Awesome!

When pigs move in.jpg

When Pigs Move In

This is the first book the Lord led me to in order to wake me up to the existance of demons and the kingdom of satan.  Awesome book.


Doing the Supernatural Works of Jesus

This book will save your life and protect your family.  Just get it!  You will be so glad you did.

Conrad Carriker

Overcoming Night Terror: Making the Demons Leave

Conrad and his wife, Susan, are anointed warriors for the Kingdom of Christ.  Catch Conrad's podcast at https://www.conradrocks.net/